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From the word non-living things, you know that they don’t have life. A living thing will have the ability to get energy, change energy and use energy. A bacteria, plant, animal and human are all living beings because we can get energy like food, then break it down (digestion) and then use that energy for doing an action.

Non-living cannot get, change or use energy.

Does Non-living things have souls
Yes non-living thing has soul.
1. If soul means to “Exist (being in present)”, then non-living beings do exist in time and space.
2. If soul means “Something that can give life”, then non-living materials like water, minerals, air can give life and that is how all living beings are made of. Then yes non-living has soul.
3. If soul means “Something of the essence of a reality like Consciousness or God”, then yes non-living things like living things has soul which is that same essence of God or Consciousness.

Conclusion: A soul means something that exist and if cannot get, change and use Energy, then will be a non-living soul. If a soul can change energy, then it is a living soul.

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