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self Healing is a natural process which takes place unknowingly also .But if self healing is done intentionally through a set path than one can come over the disease amazingly. I have made a specific course which helps the patients to fight the disease and become healthy.I have done on a lot of research on this subject and I could connect it to the ancient times of Maya civilization,Aryan civilization and Egyptian civilization where Gurus,Saints and Pharaos used to heal themselves as well as others.I am highlighting the subjects through which one can positively get excellent results.The combination of various techniques together can help you to cure even the chronic diseases.These subjects are
1. Thought Power
2. Deciesing the cells
3. Water dynamic
4. Energy dynamics
5. Thanks giving & forgiveness
6. Grounding & earthing
7. Medical Astrological remedies
8. Dus Mahavidya Pujan Remedies
9. Donation remedies
10.Aura Healing
11.Chakra Balancing


        • DNA can be reprogrammed.
        • Positive Aura helps to enhance the immunity and recover in a fast pace.
        • One gets positive thoughts and positive attitude
        • Patient gets relaxed and stress reduces drasticaly.
        • Patient becomes optimistic and a positive message is delivered in the entire body system.
        • Pains gets relieved

    There are many more benifits like the medicine cost can be saved and if propogated properly it is a great social cause.


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I personally have gone through the activities of energy science… See More


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I personally have gone through the activities of energy science… See More

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